Pask Award 2007 (plus a surprise)

Pask Award 2007

The 2007 winners of the Gordon Pask Award for Contributions to Agile Practice are Naresh Jain, for his work establishing user groups in India and for the Simple Design and Testing conference; and Jeff Patton, for his work helping establish what User Centered Design means in Agile (including the agile-usability group) and for being an example of the usefulness of being fluent in two fields (programming and UCD).

We also broke from our charter to create a new award—the Ward Cunningham Gentle Voice of Reason Award—and awarded it to Dale Emery for what he’s done on the XP and other mailing lists, and in person; and also for his work creating environments where change happens (rather than, as J.B. Rainsberger put it, “inflicting change on people”).

Join me in a warm round of applause…

(P.S. The similarity between this award’s graphic and my own four missing values poster is unfortunate. The Pask Award design came first, and I loved the image of ringing out the news. I hope the similarity isn’t interpreted to imply any other connection.)

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    […] recently, of working with Dale Emery on an engagement.  You may know Dale as the recipient of the Ward Cunningham Gentle Voice of Reason Award.  One of the things I truly love about Dale is his skill at asking questions.  And when he does, […]

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    […] am proud to have received the Agile Alliance‘s Ward Cunningham Gentle Voice of Reason award in 2007. I’m told that I was under consideration for the Gordon Pask Award, but […]

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