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SCNA talk blurb

I’ll be speaking at Software Craftsmanship North America, November 9th or 10th in Chicago. Here is the abstract of my talk:

Primum: logic programming computes values for variables based on relationships between known facts. In the main, introductions to it are either based on logic puzzles (cannibals and boats!) with an at best unclear relationship to the problems we write programs to solve, or on laboriously reimplementing things (arithmetic!) that we can already do perfectly well, thank you very much.

Secundum: generating complex test data is a hard problem, in part because constraints (relationships) amongst bits of the data have to be obeyed. The sadly common result is fragile tests that know too much about the details of their data.

Ergo: I will explain logic programming by showing how it can be used to generate test data from minimal descriptions of what’s needed.

Logic programming and test data generation

I wanted to learn Clojure’s implementation of logic programming (core.logic). So I wrote up a proof-of-concept of using it for test data generation. I think it turned out rather well, so I took the time to document it. There’s a github repository that includes wiki documentation and tests that are supposed to be explanatory.

It makes involved use of macros (in the sense of having macros that write macros). Those interested in macros might find what I’ve done interesting. That’s not documented, though.

Logic programming will be my talk topic at SCNA.

Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer

I’m somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way through a new book, Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programming, based on the tutorial I taught a couple of times last year.

You can find a description and sample chapters at Leanpub.