Agile2008 Call for Participation

AGILE 2008 CONFERENCE in Toronto, August 4-8, 2008

Anyone who is involved in, or wants to learn more about, agile development is invited to participate in this exciting conference!

Agile2008 conference is run as a program of Agile Alliance. We are scaling up the conference for an ever-increasing and diverse agile community. After the sell-out of Agile2007 we are expanding to a larger venue which can hold an audience of 1600+ attendees!

To facilitate this growth, Agile 2008 has adopted the metaphor of a music festival that provides multiple stages to attract audiences with common interests. The stages within our program are designed and organized by experts (acting as stage producers) who are truly passionate about their particular areas.

Each stage will have a feel of a smaller, focused mini-conference whilst providing the conference attendee with wide choice of topics to choose from.We believe this approach will allow the conference to scale, making it the biggest ever agile gathering!

You can find out more about the stages at:

We welcome submissions targeted at audiences of all experience levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). You are invited to submit ideas and proposals for sessions to a specific stage via an online submission system which will be available in December.

Deadline for submissions: Feb 25, 2008

If you are not sure which stage to submit, send an email to:

We are applying the core agile principles of iterative development and feedback to the review process. The review can begin as soon as your submission is received. With an exception of the research papers (which require confidentiality), all proposals will be open to review by the community and by the experts committees. This year you will be able to respond to the feedback received and update your submission before final acceptance decisions are made.

Best regards,

Rachel Davies
Agile2008 conference chair

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