Need C code for demo

I’m going to give a TDD demo at a C shop. I’d rather do it in C than in Java or Ruby. It’d be best to build on an existing suite. Do you have any well-unit-tested, open source C code to suggest? To match what they do, a library would be better than an app; data-heavy would be better than processing-heavy. Objective C would be OK too; I can just ignore the objective part. C++, too. Thanks. Add a comment or mail me.

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  1. tomm Says:

    I use CuTest for unit testing all our C code or objective/non-GNUStep C, but none of our stuff is open source :(. libevent is a great example of what you’re needing I think. While it doesn’t seem to growk TDD and there is no unit test framework, there is a unit-test sorta feel to a lot of the tests. Besides, unit testing C communications frameworks can be a *ton* of work. I’m playing w/ rspec mocks as a way to cut down on the amount of work involved.

    Alternatively, sqlite3 is a neat example, but most of the unit tests are in sql and not C. That’s some of the coolest and craziest C code you’ll ever see, well, except the ruby interpreter perhaps.

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