Some preliminary voting

There’s been some discussion of my proposal to change the Agile Alliance. The proposal will have to be modified, but a lot depends on people’s opinions about the following. Please make your opinion known by voting.

A first fork in the decision tree seems to be the answer to this question:

RESOLVED: The Agile Alliance should explicitly focus on helping members of Agile teams succeed, leaving concern with the larger organization to others.

“Members of the Agile team” is defined to be everyone who’d be expected to attend a team standup meeting: programmers, testers, user experience designers, Scrum product owners or XP Customers, technical writers, and so on.

Pro or con?

Put differently, Mike Feathers asked:

the way you’ve been discussing the AA, it seems like you see it primarily as an organization for developers, testers, and analysts/customers.. the people who are front line in development. Is that the case?

The answer is yes. That’s how I see it.

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