More opportunities to learn

The people who run the No Fluff, Just Stuff conferences have a new one called The Agile Experience.

The Pragmatic Studio has a workshop:

The Pragmatic Studio is excited to announce the Agile Developer Studio, designed exclusively to help you and your teams succeed through agility.

In this three day workshop, you’ll learn what being agile is all about, by actually doing it! You’ll also learn how to transition your project or organization from conventional approaches to agile development practices that save time and money.

You’ll be expertly coached by Andy Hunt (of The Pragmatic Programmers) and Venkat Subramaniam, co-authors of “Practices of an Agile Developer”. Drawing from their vast project experience, they’ll help you become a better, more agile, developer.

I don’t have any personal experience with these events, but they’re from reputable people. (Not that any I didn’t mention aren’t!)

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