My first marketing event in sixteen years of business

Various people have spoken approvingly of this sticker on my laptop:

an example would be handy right about now

I’ve just ordered a pile of them. I will send you one if you send me your surface mail address. You have to promise to stick it somewhere, not toss it in a drawer or a pile of papers.

Offer good until I get tired of it. I do not guarantee that the stickers peel off well. (The one on my Macbook was tattered after six months of daily travel in my backpack. It came off pretty well, in two big strips, but left some glue behind.)

I’ve also created a new sticker:

an example would be handy right about now

This, I think, makes a good personal goal. It’s also the way I describe products developed in an Agile style. I say they start out wrong (or crummy), but get less wrong every iteration. They should stop getting less wrong when it’s no longer worth making them so.

Offer is good on these stickers too, under the same conditions.

(I wanted to write here something witty about the chance of me reusing or selling addresses, but I couldn’t think of anything. I wouldn’t worry about it, were I you.)

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