Quicksilver notetaker

For any number of purposes (exploratory testing, writing bug reports, getting examples for user’s manuals), I would like the following plugin to Quicksilver. It would be somewhat similar to the iGTD plugin.

  • Invoke Quicksilver with its keystroke. Type ‘.’ to start writing a note. Write the note, strike one or a few keys to send it to the notetaker. The notetaker appends it to the open document.

  • Invoke Quicksilver. With a few keystrokes, cause it to Grab a snapshot of the topmost window and append it to the document. (So the document handler has to be something that can handle pasted images. Note: if it matters, Pages will paste the image when you put an image on the clipboard and hit Paste. Word and OpenOffice give you the URL in that case. To get the image, you have to Paste Special. In either case, it would probably be best to use a different pasteboard than the one ⌘S uses.)

How hard could it be?

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