gossip 0.3.2

I just committed a change to a project Laurent Bossavit and I are working on. As a result of that, the following happened:

  1. This came via Jabber:
    A Jabber message
  2. This was posted to Twitter:
    A twitter post
  3. This came in email:
    A mail message
  4. This was sent to Campfire:
    a chatroom message

Had I deployed a new version, I would have gotten deployment messages to each of the above, plus in our Trac timeline:

Trac timeline

(Trac does a perfectly fine job of handling commits on its own.)

That’s all due to a library of mine called Gossip, which provides a unified interface to all those destinations. It comes with three utility scripts:

  • svntell, which you’ve seen.

  • watchdog, which reports on the output and duration of a command. (It’s derived from the script in Part 4 of Everyday Scripting with Ruby.)

  • fanout, a command that relays a message to the distant destinations. (Our Vlad task uses it to report on deployments.)

The commands and library use the User-Choices library, so they’re configurable up the wazoo.

All this: done in service of ease at work.

I hope you use it.

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  1. tomm Says:


    Are you going to be at rubyconf? If so, I think you should consider a lightning talk for the graffle tool. I’ve been using it a bit here and there on our rails project, and the results have been getting some positive feedback so far.

  2. Brian Marick Says:

    Not going to be at RubyConf. I did a lightening talk about Graffle at the Rails Edge. Not much interest.

    There will, nevertheless, be another version of Graffle. There’s more control over how graphics text turns into Ruby, and I’ve switched from running the test immediately to having a script generate a test::unit file to run. I find that less awkward.

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