I’m looking at you, Keynote

When the hell are personal computer software makers going to let us recover from crashes as well as Emacs has done for well over twenty years? Most of a day’s work lost, and it is not my fault, because it’s not my job to develop the right reflexes for your stupid program!

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  1. ehendrickson Says:

    Funny. I just had something similar happen. See http://www.testobsessed.com/2007/10/16/oh-the-irony/

    Grrr. And I so wanted to like Keynote. But I’m back to PowerPoint.

  2. rpg Says:

    I use Keynote a lot. I agree it’s fragile, etc, but I seem to have learned how to not crash or stress it out too much. I have a couple of talks I give - one with a fair amount of animation, custom backgrounds, synchronized music / sound / animation. It is 138 slides and 1.31gb. Yes, that’s a g. The main thing I notice is that when I move the show from a g4/g5 to an Intel machine, or from Keynote 3 to Keynote 4, all the timings that are carefully tuned one place, break in the new place.

    I find it less flaky than Flash, though.

    Powerpoint just looks so awful compared to Keynote.

  3. Brian Marick Says:

    Yeah, I’m not going back to Powerpoint. Keynote also may have crashed my machine twice yesterday. Hurm.

  4. tomm Says:

    have you played w/ presentation mode for OmniGraffle at all? I’ve started using that whan I am not forced to use PowerPoint.

  5. Brian Marick Says:

    I use it for displaying workflow tests, but it can’t compare to Keynote for real presentations. (I do use a lot of OmniGraffle pictures into my presentations.)

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