Ruby to Growl, with callbacks

I wanted to write a script that used Growl to notify a user. That user could click on the Growl sidle-up, and that would make the script do something. It took me a while to figure out callbacks from Growl to the originating app, so I thought I’d write it down.

There are a couple of Growl libraries out there, but the code that best suited my needs comes from Satoshi Nakagawa’s LimeChat. Since it’s not packaged separately, I include it here.

A bit more detail on the proof-of-concept app. The first balloon looks like this:


When I click on it, the app pops up another notification and exits:


Here’s the code:

require osx/cocoa
include OSX
require growl

class GrowlController
  # The different kinds of messages you might send to Growl.
  PING_KIND = stretch
  ACK_KIND = ack

  # Tell the Growl Notifier class that we’ll be handling
  # callbacks from Growl.
  def initialize
    @growl = Growl::Notifier.alloc.initWithDelegate(self)
    @growl.start(:this_program, [PING_KIND, ACK_KIND])

  # Send the initial message. The "context" argument 
  # tells Growl that we want a callback.
  def ping
    @growl.notify(kind = PING_KIND,
                  title = Stretch!‘,
                  description = You have thirty seconds.‘,
                  context = "new", sticky = true, priority = 0)

  # This is the callback method for clicks.
  def growl_onClicked(sender, context)
    @growl.notify(kind = ACK_KIND,
                  title = Bye!‘,
                  description = Saw your click.‘,
                  context = nil, sticky = true, priority = 0)
    # I exit! instead of exit because the Cocoa framework catches
    # Ruby’s SystemExit exception.

if $0 == __FILE__ then
  growl_controller =

  # Although it has no UI, this has to be an OS X application because
  # the run loop is needed to handle Growl callbacks.

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