Google talk references

One thing I meant to say and forgot: Just as the evolution of amphibians didn’t mean that all the fish disappeared, the creation of a new kind of testing to fit a new niche doesn’t mean existing kinds are now obsolete.

Context-driven testing:

Testing Computer Software, Kaner, Falk, and Nguyen
Lessons Learned in Software Testing, Kaner, Bach, and Pettichord
“When Should a Test Be Automated?”, Marick

Exploratory testing:

James Bach
Michael Bolton
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Jonathan Kohl

Left out:

The undescribed fourth age

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  1. Ċ½eljko Filipin Says:

    You have posted three similar posts in a row.

  2. Brian Marick Says:

    Ecto and Wordpress got mad at each other. Fixed.

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