Six degrees of separation

OK, I want to try the six degrees of separation thing. I would like to make t-shirts or posters for Retro-futurist micro-scale anarcho-syndicalism. I like the designs from Glennz Tees. In fact, I can imagine a modified version of this Tee being just right for the theme:

I’ve sent email to the mailing address I could find, asking how much custom work would cost, but got no reply. The “about” page says: “I’m Glenn Jones, a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand.”

I’d like to contact him. If you think you can get a link to this post one step closer to him, I’d appreciate it.

At the very least, this will serve as an advertisement for his designs.

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  1. Mark Derricutt Says:

    Contact made… I don’t know him - but a friend does.

  2. David Peterson Says:

    His name is Glenn Jones and he’s on Facebook…

  3. Brian Marick Says:

    Made it in three degrees. Thanks.

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