Functional testing tools workshop just before Agile 2008

Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools Open Space Workshop
Call for Participation

Dates: Monday, August 4, 2008
Times: 8 AM - 6 PM
Location: Toronto, Ontario, at the Agile2008 venue


This is the second Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools workshop.
The first, held in October 2007 in Portland Oregon, was a great
success. In this second workshop, we're increasing the size and
moving to an open space like format. The primary purpose of this
workshop is still to discuss cutting-edge advancements in and envision
possibilities for the future of automated functional testing tools.

As an open-space style workshop, the content comes from the
participants, and we expect all participants to take an active role.
We're seeking participants who have interest and experience in
creating and/or using automated functional testing tools/frameworks on
Agile projects.

This workshop is sponsored by the Agile Alliance Functional Testing
Tools Program. The mission of this program is to advance the state of
the art of automated functional testing tools used by Agile teams to
automate customer-facing tests.

There is no cost to participate. Participants will be responsible for
their own travel expenses.

Due to room constraints, we can accommodate up to 60 participants.
Registrations will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis to
participants who complete the registration process.

Registering for the AA-FTT Open Space Workshop

We will be using the conference submission system
( to process the requests for
invitation (RFI). If you're interested in being invited to
participate in this workshop, please:
a) login to the submission system (create an account if you don't have
one already). NOTE: make sure your email address is correct.
b) click the 'propose a session' link to request an invitation,
filling in the following required fields:
- title: enter RFI 
- stage: select ‘AAFTT’
- session type: select ‘other’
- duration: select any of the values (not relevant for the RFI process)
- summary: briefly answer the following three questions
i) What do you see as the biggest issue for Functional
Testing Tools on Agile projects?
ii) What do you hope to contribute?
iii) What do you hope to get?
c) click ‘create’

The AAFTT stage producers will review the RFI, and send you an
invitation to attend the workshop, along with further instructions for
pre-organizing openspace sessions.

Please register as soon as possible, before the workshop fills up.

Pass This Along
If you know of someone that would be a candidate for this workshop,
please forward this call for participation on to them.

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