Two conferences to consider

On October 11th and 12th, I’ll be at RubyDCamp, an Open Space / FooCamp style workshop near Washington, D.C. It’s USD100 until October 6.

I won’t be going to Agile Open California, an Open Space style conference on October 6th and 7th in San Bruno. I went to the first Agile Open in Portland, and it was definitely worth the USD250. That’s where I got the first whiff of Arlo Belshee’s ideas about estimating and iterations, so I was prepped for Kanban, which is quite the rage these days. I think it was also there that I took notes that became the Agile Alliance’s position on certification. So: a happening place.

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  1. Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Says:

    BTW, the cost for the first Agile Open Northwest Conference was $150, not $250. We try very hard to keep the price low, just enough to cover our costs. And for those interested, we are planning on holding another 2 day open space in February 2009 in Portland. Stay tuned to for details.

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