Agile Development Practices teaser podcast

I’ll be giving a keynote at Agile Development Practices. Joey McAllister of SQE interviewed me about it. The focus is on what’s missing from the Agile Manifesto. I think of the Manifesto as a contract proposal from a development team to the business. They offer to not surprise the business, deliver working software frequently, and not whine about requirements. In return, the business has to not “help” them with process, tools, and estimates. And it has to commit to a lot of communication.

In the beginning, that was a hard sell, but it’s not any more. Agile is a safe-enough choice. Now teams need to execute on their promise. To execute, they need values that apply within the team, not just across the team-business boundary. In my talk, I’ll describe those values. They’re a superset of the ones I described at XP Day Toronto.

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