Software Craftsmanship mini-conference (London, Feb 26, 2009)

I’m on the review committee of Jason Gorman’s Software Craftsmanship mini-conference. If I can overlap it with a trip to France, I’ll definitely be there. Here’s the blurb:

This is a conference about the “hard skills” that programmers and teams require to deliver high quality working software.

From writing effective unit tests to managing dependencies, and from writing reliable multi-threaded code to building robust and dependable service-oriented architectures.

This conference is all about the principles and practices, and the disciplines and habits, that distinguish the best 10% of software professionals from the 90% who are failing their customers and failing their profession by taking no care or pride in their work and delivering buggy, unreliable and unmaintainable code.

This conference aims to showcase and champion the “hard skills”, and champion the idea of software craftsmanship and the ways in which it can be encouraged and supported in the workplace, in schools and colleges, and among the wider software development community.

This is a conference about building it right.

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