Looking for old television episode

I saw a show on television, probably in the early seventies, that I think warped me forever. I’d like to see it again, but I remember only a few things about it.

I believe it involved a person who was inside a room that was made of glass panels. At some point, he/she had a conversation with a man who had a hammer. The man moved the hammer from one place to another and claimed it never occupied the space between. After that someone threw something - the hammer, I believe - through one of the panels, making a jagged hole. The man with the hammer looked up the shape of the hole in a book. It matched exactly one of the pages, and he said something like “Ah, hole 323″. I think he then got piece 323, and slipped it in to fix the hole.

If you know of this show, please contact me.

Another show that warped me at age 14 was Steambath, though I suspect it was much less weird.

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  1. Chris Meisenzahl Says:

    Wow, I have absolutely no idea. Now if you were talking HR Pufnstuf or Bay City Rollers, I could help you out. ;-)

  2. Jeffrey Fredrick Says:

    No idea… But I’ll retweet it for ya! A good test of the power of twitter…

  3. Brian Marick Says:

    And here it is: The Cube, by no less than Jim Henson. Many thanks to Nathaniel Talbott.

  4. Brian Marick Says:

    And a larger version, via Ben Simo.

  5. Michael Bolton Says:

    Congratulations on finding what you were looking for. Your appeal reminded me of The Prisoner, a highly eccentric spinoff of Danger Man (a.k.a.) Secret Agent with Patrick McGoohan which I think that many involved with testing or investigation would enjoy. As of this writing, it’s apparently streaming for free on amctv.com

    —Michael B.

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