InfoQ interview up

There’s an interview with me at InfoQ. It covers micro-scale retro-futurist anarcho-syndicalism and my hypothesis that we could chisel value away from automating business-facing examples and add it to cheaper activities.

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  1. Tom Macklin Says:

    Very interesting.

    The systems we build must go through 3rd party security testing, which includes penetration testing, where there is an onus on us to prove system security that is equal or greater than the onus on the tester to prove its absence. In order to ensure that we get through this process, we have to build in hooks for ourselves and for the testers so that they can gain sufficient evidence that the system’s security mechanisms aren’t just smoke and mirrors. Normally we get weird looks from the testers when we show them that we built test hooks directly into the production code, but we weren’t able to figure out any other way to reliably ensure that we didn’t have bugs in underlying layers of the system that were being hidden by the front end(s). I’ve heard of similar approaches to building safety critical systems.

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