Test-driving desktop GUIs (with RubyCocoa)

At MountainWest RubyConf, I gave a 30-minute talk in which I used TDD to implement double-clicking on a table cell to pop open a file chooser, collect a pathname, and put it in the cell. It was recorded. Here’s a page with a selection of video formats. In order to read the code, I recommend the big version.

There are a few problems. The sound goes crackly for a while in the beginning, I messed up my resolution so that long code lines are cut off in the first bit, and I’m not used to being recorded, so I used a laser pointer to point at the code. That was fine for the audience, but leaves you having to hunt for what I’m pointing at.

The video shows not just the flow of TDDing a GUI, but also shoulda, assert{2.0}, and my idiosyncratic wrapper around FlexMock.

The presentation is based on chapter 19 in my RubyCocoa.

The offer of a signed copy of the design sketch is no longer valid.

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  1. Mathias Sulser Says:

    Is the code used in the presentation available from somewhere? Looks very promising indeed!

  2. Brian Marick Says:

    I don’t have a copy on any public repository, but if you want it, I can send it to you. Just email marick@exampler.com

  3. thinkingbox Says:

    From @marick on Twitter: Someone asked for the code in my tdding-gui talk, so he could follow along. I put it here: http://tinyurl.com/qnzgxh

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