NSF plea

My final word at the NSF workshop:

A Plug for Natural History
in the style of
Darwin’s Living Cirripedia (in 2 volumes!)

1. Ever since the TRW studies, Software Engineering has been primarily the Software Engineering of the large corporation. I maintain that many small businesses operating within platform ecosystems develop software differently than large enterprises, and that the differences are both important and interesting.

2. Many researchers think they understand Agile but - through no fault of their own - do not. (It’s like this: you can have read books, you can have read about writing books, you can have written articles - nevertheless, writing a book well is a different thing than writing an article.)

To put someone else’s time where my mouth is: Dave Hoover of Obtiva has volunteered to host researchers who’d like to visit. I can even imagine some more ambitious get-together that bridges the gap I see.

Result: Except for RPG, no interest yet.

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