Here’s a test for the Cappuccino app I’m working on. It’s about what happens when, for example, you click on “blood collection for transfusion” in the right table here:


- (void)testPutBackAProcedure
   previousAction: function() {
      [self procedure: Betical
            hasBeenSelectedFrom: [”alpha“, Betical“, order“]];
  during: function() {
      [self putBackProcedure: Betical“];
  behold: function() {
      [self listenersWillReceiveNotification: ProcedureUpdateNews
            containingObject: []];
      [self tablesWillReloadData];
  andSo: function() {
      [self unchosenProcedureTableWillContain: [”alpha“, Betical“, order“]];
      [self chosenProcedureTableWillContain: []];

Here’s the code to pass the test (after inlining one method):

- (void)unchooseProcedure: (id) sender
  [self moveProcedureAtIndex: [chosenProcedureTable clickedRow]
                        from: chosenProcedures
                          to: unchosenProcedures];

  [NotificationCenter postNotificationName: ProcedureUpdateNews
                                    object: chosenProcedures];
  [chosenProcedureTable reloadData];
  [unchosenProcedureTable reloadData];

Did the test clarify my design thinking? No, not really. Will it be useful for regression? I doubt it. Is it good documentation for the app’s UI behavior? No.

Something seems wrong here.

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