A European pair-touring trip

I’ll be speaking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference on March 16-17. I may be speaking at the Scottish Ruby Conference on March 26-27. I have to be back in the USA for Philly Emerging Tech on April 8th. I’d like to do a pair tour of Europe sometime in that time. I’m thinking of something like this route:

 Img 60332607-7B082B51651A098706225938887Db693.4B5F8350-Full

Göteburg, Sweden -> Amsterdam -> Paris -> Madrid -> London -> Edinburgh. If you’d be interested in working together, contact me. I’m looking into moving into programming-process consulting (like TDD), cutting-edge programming (like Clojure). I’m also wanting to somehow accelerate my learning of Spanish.

The rules for a pair tour is that you let me “couch surf” (sleep on your floor or couch) and provide some food (dinners, for example). I’m a poor American–I can’t afford European prices.

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  1. thomasponnet Says:

    Not really interested in touring but if you’re in Edinburgh and let me know and I can show you where to get a nice pint or two.


  2. Exploration Through Example » Blog Archive » Mocks and legacy code Says:

    […] on my grand European trip, I stopped in for a day at a nice company with a fun group of people doing good work on a legacy […]

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