Anarchy of Evasion

“The anarchy of evasion” is a term that (I think) I read a few years ago. I occasionally search for it, but I’ve never been able to find anything about it again. As I recall, the idea is a reaction to the fact that an anarchist movement that forms an independent new society or transforms an existing society is… hard. So an alternative is to live within an existing society but try to make as many as possible of your activities and interactions run according to the principles you wished the whole society ran with. You behave as you wish, but in a way and context that increases the chance you won’t be noticed and therefore stopped.

The idea appeals to me, perhaps because I’ve always liked the idea of complex and interesting things happening unnoticed in the cracks. Probably a result of reading The Littles as a kid and books like You’re All Alone and Neverwhere later.

Parallels with things like open source, intentional communities, squatting, and freaks and geeks in US high schools are left as an exercise for the reader.

If anyone has links to the idea, let me know.

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